Adoption support

A child needs your support and you will always have ours

Our children have had difficult early lives which can often prove challenging for both themselves and their adoptive parents. They may well have experienced trauma and loss which will impact upon their later emotional development and behaviour. It’s why we encourage adoptive parents to seek Adoption Support as a normal part of the adoption journey.

Parenting is a life-long challenge, and we offer support at every stage including adopter training, adopter lead support groups, parenting programmes, therapeutic parenting groups and face to face stay & play groups.

More comprehensive packages of support are available following an adoption support assessment and can involve individual or family work, specialist assessments, signposting, and access to the adoption support fund.

Support groups

There is a combination of virtual and face-to-face support on offer to adoptive families across Adopt East.

This includes support groups for LGBTQ+ families, single adopters, families with children with special/additional needs, black adopters support group, a variety of peer-led support groups and youth groups for adoptive teens.

There is also ongoing training on offer as well as therapeutic support programmes that can be accessed.

Contact your local adoption agency for adoption support