Family is at the heart of all we do

Adopt East is a regional adoption alliance across the East of England. Experience has taught us that family is central to a child’s emotional wellbeing and development.
About us

A match for life

Our focus throughout is on both the child and the adopter. Only when we recognise each is right for the other do we know we’ve found a match for life. Giving every child a better chance of growing up as part of a safe, stable, loving family.

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The impact of adoption on children and adoptive parents

Finding a caring and committed family for a child will transform their world, giving them stability, safety, and a loving, nurturing home. For adoptive parents, there’s the unique opportunity to experience the joys and rewards of raising a child, teaching them to ride a bike, helping with their homework, or rediscovering the world through the eyes of a child.

Adoption stories

You can read stories and experiences from both our adopters and our children, their names have been changed to protect all involved.
Jack's story
Read about Jack, who's 14 years old and adopted.
Teenage boy wearing a hoodie looking up into trees in a forest
Beth's story
Read about Beth, who's a single adoptive mum of Charlie.
Woman holding young boy on a sunny beach next to the sea
Gemma and Craig's story
Read about Gemma and Craig, adoptive parents of Ryan and Riley.
Man and woman couple with three young children on a bed

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