Can I adopt?

Most people have the qualities to be a great parent

Adoption has changed to be more open, supportive and fair.

You can adopt with us:

  • If you are single, married or in a long-term ‘live-in’ relationship
  • Regardless of ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality or faith
  • If you have children or if you have none – some people adopt multiple times
  • If you own your own home or rent, if you are employed or on benefits
  • If you have a disability or are managing health conditions
  • If you and your partner are 21 years old or over
Man kissing child on the cheek

Early Permanence

Early Permanence encourages early bonding

Early Permanence means placing a child as early as possible. It prevents a child moving multiple times and also encourages early bonding between the child and the potential adoptive family.

We need people who would be willing to fulfil the role of a foster carer while the Courts decide a child’s future. If the Court decides that adoption is the right path forward, the child will remain with you.

Make an initial enquiry

You can make an initial adoption enquiry through Adopt East.