Our children

There are many children across the Adopt East region waiting for families.

All our children need to grow up as part of a loving family

Every one of our children is an individual. Each one has their own character, their own abilities, needs and challenges. What they all have in common is that they have been separated from their birth families and all of them will have experienced loss and trauma. Most importantly at this point in their lives, what they all need is a loving family to grow up in.

Two girls hugging in woods in autumn

Child profiles

You can read profiles of Adopt East priority children who've been waiting for a long time for an adoptive family. The stories are real, however the children's names and photos have been changed to protect their identity.
Callum (7) loves spending his time playing football.
Boy sitting on floor holding and playing with tablet
Rosie (1) loves to smile and babble to everyone.
Baby crawling on grass
Charlie and Archie
Charlie (5) and Archie (3) are half-brothers.
Two boys in green hoodies holding hands and walking down a forest path

Your child's story

Fortunately, we no longer live in an age when the facts of adoption are kept secret from children. Adopted children need to know and understand their history. Photos, life story work and contact are key to growing your child’s self-confidence and they are important to help children make sense of what happened in the past and to help them remember important people who were involved earlier in their lives.

For some time, it has been widely acknowledged that keeping some form of contact with a birth family benefits everyone involved. It provides a sense of personal history and continuity which is vital to a child’s developing sense of identity and helps them to integrate the past with the present.

Adopters are encouraged to have a meeting with birth parents. Many adopters find this helps when writing subsequent letters to the child’s birth family and when answering children’s questions in future.

Make an initial enquiry

You can make an initial adoption enquiry through Adopt East.