Charlie and Archie

Charlie (5) and Archie (3) are half-brothers.
Please note: We've changed names and photos to protect the identities of the children.


Charlie loves to be at one with nature. He loves to be outside in the garden collecting sticks or finding insects that he can look at. His foster carer describes him as ‘an affectionate, spirited and generous child who has a wonderful sense of humour and a charismatic smile making him a real joy to be around’. Charlie has speech and development delay and requires a lot of support with his communication. Charlie likes going to school, it took him a little time to make friends but has now formed some close friendships.


Archie is described as a ‘sociable and affectionate child with a happy disposition’. Archie loves music and will often be found dancing to the beat of a song on the radio. He enjoys playing with figures especially cars and dinosaurs. Archie loves to be outdoors kicking a football round the garden and chasing his brother, who he never manages to catch. Archie can follow simple instructions and will get involved in helping the carers to tidy up, he loves to clap his hands in excitement when he gets praised.

Charlie and Archie have both known adults to be very angry and aggressive and these experiences impact on their behaviour. Charlie and Archie need a family that is going to support them individually and as brothers.