Rosie (1) loves to smile and babble to everyone.
Please note: We've changed names and photos to protect the identities of the children.

She is a joy to care for and loves when people sing and talk to her, and she tries to talk back. Rosie is not currently sitting up without support but likes to see all that is going on around her.

Rosie is currently having testing of her genetics to help us to understand why she is taking more time with her development. It is likely that even with the results we will still be uncertain as to whether Rosie’s development will always be behind that of her peers. Rosie was born with 2 holes in her heart which required surgery, which was successful, she will remain under the hospital for review. Rosie will need a family that will be patient with her development and accept and love her for all she is.

Rosie likes being in the bath and smiles back to her foster carer while having a splash around! Rosie enjoys her bouncy chair and playing under the gym set, playing with toys and listening to nursery rhymes.